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If you are a Badminton enthusiast, you are at the right place to learn more about your favorite sports. Badminton is a fun-loving game involving a full-fledged body workout. This sport has gained international attention in almost all countries. The world has seen champions emerging because of Badminton. We all love the smashes by Parupalli Kashyap, Mads Pieler, and Taukif Hidayat. That zeal we all get from that perfect hit in the court is unparalleled. 

How was Badminton introduced?

Let’s go back over 2000 years. Badminton was played in Greece, China, and India. It was initially called “Game of Battledore and Shuttlecock’’. Badminton gained popularity in England when British residents in India saw Indians playing the game. In later years, the sport gained popularity in Olympics as well. 

Is Tennis different than Badminton?

It is a popular question about the difference between Tennis and Badminton. Both games are different in terms of scoring, equipment, and shots. In Tennis, a ball is used, which can bounce once. While in Badminton, a light feature shuttlecock is used and not allowed to bounce. The tennis court is more significant than that of a badminton court. The rackets used in Badminton are lightweight as compared to tennis rackets. 

Mental Approach towards Badminton:

Badminton requires mental toughness to have a winning attitude. No matter how physically fit you are, the number of training drills you practiced with your badminton coach, all comes down to how mentally strong you are. During the play, we have seen changes in players’ performance affected by the audience’s reactions or the unexpected score of the opponent. How a player performs during pressure shows real sportsman spirit. A player should have a positive mindset and acceptance to learn from failure. 

Importance of Badminton Coaches:

Badminton coaches are dedicated to empowering badminton players. Years of experience add value and excellence to their teaching methodologies. If you are looking for a badminton coach in Singapore, you will find many experts delivering their skills to potential players. Dynamic Badminton Academy has world-class Badminton coaches working with students in a personalized manner. In Singapore, badminton coaches must pass a coaching exam to be qualified Badminton Coaches. After reaching coaching standards, they are allowed to conduct badminton classes. 

A badminton coach analyzes players’ weak points and trains them to improve their badminton skills. He knows how frustrated a player can get if not master a shot. He not only prepares for physical skills but also for developing motivation and a positive attitude. 

Badminton Lessons Singapore

Rules of playing Badminton:

Every sport is based on a set of rules. These rules define a player’s limits and set standards for winning the game. Badminton has the following rules: 

  • The game starts with a toss of a coin. The winning side is allowed to serve first
  • It consists of three games/ rallies, each of 21 points.
  • While service, the player must be stationary and avoid the boundary lines
  • The serve must hit diagonally over the court
  • A shutter cannot be hit twice in succession
  • The winning player of the rally serves first
  • If both players have scored even, a one who makes two more points first wins. 
  • The player or his racket should not touch the net
  • When the opponent commits a fault, a point is added to another player
  • The game has two rest intervals. The first break is 90 seconds and a five-minute break after the second game.

Badminton Gear:

A good set of badminton gear helps in better performance. Badminton essentials include rackets, shuttlecock, grips, clothes, bands, shoes, and water bottles. Good quality rackets along with extra pairs are recommended. A shuttlecock consists of sixteen features fixed in a cork. If you have played Badminton, you probably know how fragile they are. Also, get extra shuttlecocks! 

Badminton requires a lot of movement; players’ shoes must be comfortable and wear cotton socks to absorb sweat. In dressing, a comfy T-shirt and shorts will do great. Players also wear wrist bands that stop sweat from reaching their racket. Grips are also worn to improve the holding of the racket. Don’t forget your sun-block to avoid sunburns and skin discoloration. 

How to master Badminton?

Either you can self-learn using the internet or YouTube videos, or you can enroll yourself in badminton classes and learn from badminton coaches. Whatever way you know, to master badminton, you must have consistency, patience, and continual practice.

Did you know?

Other than serious Badminton talk, there are some fun facts about Badminton that will make you love them even more. Let’s learn some facts which we are sure you did not know before.

  1. After soccer, Badminton is the second most popular game.
  2. The fastest smash was by Mads Pieler of Denmark, whose shot time was 264.7 mph
  3. It is the fastest racket sport in the world
  4. The shuttlecock is also called birdie due to its feathers
  5. Best shuttlecocks are made from the left-wing of a goose.
  6. The shortest badminton match lasted for only six minutes
  7. In the earliest form of Badminton, players used their feet to hit the shuttlecock instead of rackets.


Badminton is a beautiful game with enormous benefits. It is a mind play involving physical exertion. Appreciation of sports and their promotion is vital to revive the essence of Badminton. Be it Badminton or any other sport, its objective is to construct social connections, emotional maturity, physical development, and healthy life maintenance.

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