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The best investment for your child is to teach him strong life skills. Thanks to Covid, we are addicted to screens and the internet more than ever. Probably like right now as you are reading this. But the screen time can be a learning time if you are regularly looking into infotainment blogs. Increased screen exposure among children has led to alarming consequences on health, mind, and body.

In contrast, we all have realized the adverse effects of being a lazy potato. Health experts have continuously stressed the long-term impact of screen addiction. And provided solutions to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Where obesity rates in Singapore have increased, also the rise of sports learning. Among various sports, badminton is a loveable sport. You can find competitive badminton academy in Singapore excelling in rearing Badminton games. You can enroll your child in kids’ badminton classes. Your child will not only learn badminton, but the extensive skill sets building groundwork for a successful life. 

Kids Badminton Lessons Badminton Coach Singapore

Why Your Kid Should Play Badminton?

Are you Googling for the benefits of learning badminton for children? You are at the right place to know exactly why your child should learn this technical game. Here are a few impressive benefits of learning badminton for your kids.

  1. No More Couch Potato:

One of the most significant worries of today’s parents is increased laziness and screen addiction in children. Enrolling your kid in any private badminton lessons will make them move! It is a known fact that badminton helps develop strong mortar skills and limb coordination. Badminton is not just hitting the birdie with the racket, and it requires mobility to move around for the perfect shot. The sport will help your child strengthen and tone his body muscles. 

Is your kid a picky eater? Guess what? Because of physical exertion, your child will eat almost anything when they come back from badminton academy Singapore.  Also, a healthy balanced diet is essential to ensure your child gets energy and nutrition for healthy body development. 

  1. A Strong Vision:

Does your child lose focus during your studies? And instead, make doodles on the page? Badminton develops a strong vision and increases focus. To hit the shuttlecock, you have to keep your eyes on it. Along with it, hand-eye coordination and strong footwork will enable a perfect hit. He will learn about a reasonable distance and flight trajectory to hit the right way. 

  1. Transformational Personality Traits:

Other than physical benefits, badminton helps in developing mental strength. Your youngster will learn about decision-making for the correct type of shot. It helps build impressive personality traits, which will boost chances of success in life. Badminton is known to improve self-esteem, self-confidence, and discipline. Learning within a Badminton Academy Singapore will help establish social connections and help learn about teamwork. 

Is There Any Suitable Age for Learning Badminton?

The right age for learning badminton is a commonly asked question among parents. There are several factors to take into consideration before deciding the perfect ageAlthough, it said that 7 to 8 years of age is suitable for taking kids badminton lessons. Every child is different in their abilities and developmental milestones. We have seen examples of players who held the racket at the tender age of four, like Singapore’s world champion Loh Kean. 

Also, it is essential to rule out any underlying medical condition to avoid any complications in the future. It also depends upon the child’s interest and physical development. 

Badminton Gear for Kids:

For your junior, good badminton equipment will help in better performance. It includes various elements listed as follows:

  • Rackets: Rackets for your young one should be light-weight with a smaller grip. You can find a range of different junior badminton rackets. 
  • Shoes: As a badminton match requires a lot of movement, shoes should be comfortable for mobility.
  • Apparel: Usually a T-shirt with shorts is ideal for badminton. The material should be sweatproof or have the ability to absorb sweat. Also, look for socks that absorb the sweat. 
  • Accessories: Get a badminton bag for your kids’ badminton lessons. Fill it with a water bottle, some energy bars, an extra pair of rackets, birdies, and clothes.

Which Badminton Academy to Choose in Singapore?

Now comes the question of selecting the best badminton academy in Singapore. As you trust your child with an academy, it should have expert badminton coaches. While your academy hunt, look for the looking factors for a better choice.

  • See for an academy with certified and professional coaches.
  • A badminton academy with a clean badminton court.
  • Flexible timings and learning formats
  • Should have an option for private badminton lessons for one-on-one training
  • Look for online reviews and feedback

International Badminton Tournaments:

One of the perks of training at an early age is higher chances to compete internationally. Children have a good learning pace. What you will teach them at an early age will remain with them forever. Your child can compete at national Singapore badminton tournaments with the right kids’ badminton lessons. He can make Singapore proud and mark his name in the competitive Badminton World if qualified. 

Conclusion:Inculcating healthy habits at a young age will give them a clear vision of life. Sports like badminton will enable your youngster to maintain physical fitness, improve cognitive abilities, and reduce chances of depression and failure. Choosing a good badminton academy in Singapore also plays a vital role in developing strong skill sets. Where your child joins private badminton lessons or group lessons, it will yield promising results.

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