Badminton For Kids: From What Age And The Benefits

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Badminton has its origins in badminton, an ancient game that began before our era. He came to Europe from India in 1873, thanks to the Duke of Beaufort. Incidentally, the game was named in honor of his British home, Badminton House. In 1934 the International Badminton Federation was established, and in 1992 it was included in the Olympic program.

Badminton is played individually or in pairs. The main task of the player or pair is to turn the shuttlecock with the racket so that it returns to the opponent’s court and falls to the ground, preventing it from being turned again.

This article explores everything parents need to know when deciding to send their child to badminton, what is the best age to start school and what are the medical contraindications for mosquito netting? How to choose a badminton club?

From what Age

Badminton is a fairly active game but less traumatic. During badminton lessons, children develop qualities such as dexterity, endurance, flexibility, speed, and strength indicators.

Children often come to the badminton department from the age of eight. In some cases, preparatory group education begins at the age of 10-12.

Training programs planned by a professional badminton coach usually include practical and theoretical classes. In addition to exercises aimed at developing general physical fitness, children have special exercises, and the training program also includes outdoor games.

It can be said that understanding the basics of badminton is more difficult than understanding a preschool child. So don’t rush too much. Of course, if you play this game, you can introduce your child to the family game of badminton at an early age. But it is better to start serious and regular classes at school already. Look no further; get your child enrolled in Dynamic Badminton Academy.

Medical Contraindications

All sports have contraindications. Badminton is no exception. Before sending your child to the ward, make sure that they do not have any of the following health problems.

• Cardiovascular disease.

• Musculoskeletal disorders (scoliosis, knee joint problems).

• Chronic disease in the acute phase.

• Respiratory disease.

Before starting badminton, make sure to consult a pediatrician and get a certificate authorizing the practice of this sport.

girl and boy

Badminton is suitable for both girls and boys. This sport allows men and women to play together during the competition.

Classes have a positive effect on the psychological and emotional development of men and women. As a result, girls and boys have harmonious figures and capable, strong, and well-built bodies. At the same time, don’t worry that the girl has too broad shoulders. This problem is not common in badminton players.

In addition, your son or daughter will develop analytical and logical thinking and intuition. It is no wonder that badminton is called a “chess racket.” In fact, the shuttlecock must not only defeat but also anticipate the actions of the opponent and think about which flight paths he cannot hit with his racket. These qualities will definitely come in handy when studying a boy or girl.

Badminton has many other benefits, which we will discuss in the next section.

Advantages of badminton for children

Badminton has many advantages. Between them:

Improve vision. Unfortunately, the current trend is that children’s vision begins to deteriorate at an early age (3-4 years). Badminton is a sport that helps children preserve their sight. In fact, there is always eye training during the game. Feathers moving at different speeds must be constantly monitored. This improves blood circulation to the organs of vision.

Development of will. Badminton is a game that teaches children to achieve small and large goals. First, he learns to hit the shuttlecock. This can be considered a small goal. Then throw it over the net so your opponent cannot return the serve. Achieving each of these goals will undoubtedly bring happiness to the young badminton player and teach him not to be scared to set goals of varying degrees of complexity in his life.

Body recovery. Badminton has a positive effect on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Exercise results in an increase in lung capacity. Asthma patients can go into long-term remission while playing badminton.

Tense your body. Legs, stomach, and arm muscles work the most in a badminton match. Regular training makes it stronger and more pronounced.

Fitness and endurance training. Your child will develop these skills more and more with each new practice. He learns to flip wings that fly at high speed. This only requires dexterity and persistence.

Safe sport. Unlike sports that require physical contact, badminton is less traumatic. Since there is no direct interaction between players, injuries are rare.


Despite its many advantages, badminton still has some disadvantages.

It puts a lot of pressure on your knees. Badminton for children can cause problems in the knee joint. They are under a lot of pressure. To avoid consequences, you should follow your trainer’s advice, follow your technique, and train with special shoes.

Spinal deformity. Because badminton is often played with one hand, uneven tension can cause the spine to bias in one direction. This problem is often related to professional athletes. If you do not aim to raise an Olympic champion in badminton from your child, do not worry too much about this.

How to choose Badminton classes for children?

When choosing Badminton Classes Singapore for children, pay attention to the following criteria:

Proximity to home. Badminton training takes a lot of energy. This sport is one of the most energy-demanding. Take care of your child and choose the most convenient place for the episode. The easier it is for him to get home, the more likely the young athlete will have the strength to do his homework. Agreed, this is as important as training success.

Trainer. Choosing a coach depends on your goals. If you want great heights, choose the appropriate Badminton Coach Singapore. His approach to children, contacts, titles, personal achievements in this sport, and ability to establish student achievements are important. Are you afraid of making a mistake when choosing a badminton coach? Search for reviews on the Internet or ask a friend whose children have already attended his department.

Lesson costs. This criterion depends directly on your financial possibilities. Be sure to consider them so that your classes bring you as much joy as possible.


Badminton is a dynamic, energetic, and intelligent sport. It brings a lot of joy to those who practice as an amateur or professional. Don’t forget to listen to them. After all, your chances of success are much higher if you have your own motivation.

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