Badminton Rules You Need to Know

Badminton Lessons Singapore Rules You Need to Know

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One of the most prevalent racket sports is badminton. It can be a great recreational activity as well. Other than physical benefits, badminton develops cognitive abilities. It may seem just tossing the birdie across the net. But it is much more than that. Fortunately, the percentage of sports participation has been increasing over the years. People are keen to utilize their free time for productive activities. You will find numerousprofessional badminton classes in Singapore. But to maximize your potential, you should join a trusted place like Dynamic Badminton Academy.

You can take up badminton as a career and make the country proud. But to kickstart your journey, you must know essential badminton rules.

Badminton Lessons Coach Singapore T

Fundamental Badminton Rules You Must Know

Every sport has specific rules and regulations. It helps the game to be fair and provides a systematic approach to victory. Being conscious of rules instills discipline and appreciation of the sport. One of the first lessons your Badminton coach in Singapore will give you will be about rules. Let’s go through each of them.

  1. Who Will Serve First?

The match will begin with a coin toss. The winning side will have the deciding power. The player can either decide a preferred side of the court or if he will serve or receive first. The other player will exercise the remaining option. You can learn about the possibilities of various decisions through your badminton classes in Singapore. Your trainer will guide how to make the right choice after winning the toss. You should know you’re playing strategy in case of losing the toss.

  1. Scoring Rules

You must play three rounds and score 21 points to win a badminton match. It is known as 3 x 21. It was introduced in 2005 and now has become an official scoring standard for badminton scoring. Your best three matches will decide your victory. You will be rewarded a point by winning a rally.

To win a rally, the shutter must drop inside the court by the opponent. Or if your component commits a badminton fault.

  1. Deuce in Badminton

If both the players reach the same score, there will be a deuce. You will have to score two more points. The first one to achieve will win the rally. For example, if the score is 20-20, one must have 22-20 to win the match. The maximum score for a badminton game is 30 points. If players deuce at 29-29, the winning score will be 30-29.

  1. Score and Serve Position

In badminton, the service is done diagonally across the court. The serving position is decided based on the score. A player with an even number score will serve from the right side. The player will odd number scoring will serve from the left side of the court. Serve is one of the essential components of badminton. You must hone your service under the supervision of a Badminton coach in Singapore.

Badminton Rules Singapore Rules You Need to Know
  1. Break During the Play

Players are provided with a two-minute break after each set of games. It helps players to hydrate themselves and freshen up. A minute break is provided at the 11th point.

  1. Faults in Badminton Game

Breaking any rule can result in increased chances of failure. Due to numerous reasons, players tend to miss the hit or break the rules. It can be due to nervousness or overconfidence. To avoid embarrassment, develop a conscious mindset through professional badminton classes in Singapore. Any foul will award the opponent with one point. Some of the badminton fowls are:

  • Racket touching the net during the rally
  • Hitting or touching the shutter with any body part
  • Striking the shutter above the waistline to serve
  • Using upward facing racket for service
  • Moving before the opponent has struck the birdie
  • Not serving diagonally across the court
  • Birdie hitting the ceiling

How to Remember All Badminton Rules? We discussed some of the glimpses of the badminton rules and regulations. For beginners, it can be hard to remember all of them. The only way you truly learn them is by practice. But you will need a badminton coach in Singapore who monitors your movements and pinpoints your mistakes. Dynamix Badminton Academy starts its training by strengthening the basics. Through constructive criticism, students will learn and remember their faults. It is okay to miss a rule during a play. We have seen professional player performances fluctuate. Sports cannot be perfected but continuously improved.

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