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We have seen lazy behavioral patterns in people increasing with time. Various reasons are highlighted, including increased technological use, machine-dependency, and lockdowns due to the coronavirus. Obesity has increased in many countries, setting an alarming situation for health concerns. But it has also helped us realize the importance of taking care of our health. Different diets and exercises gained popularity among people. Within all these health solutions, sports are also highlighted. Be it any sport; it boosts cognitive skills, physical health, and social connectivity. 

Among the popular sports, Badminton is a game everyone should learn. It is fun and involves total energy. If you are interested in learning Badminton, you are at the right place to know how to learn Badminton the right way.

Dynamic Badminton Academy Singapore Private Badminton Academy
Dynamic Badminton Academy

Benefits of learning Badminton:

Badminton is a complete body workout. A player has to do the footwork and play shots using arms muscles. It also improves focus and reduces the risks of depression. Studies have shown that a badminton player has flexibility in his body, a greater life expectancy, and fewer chances of getting ill. 

How to learn Badminton:

Badminton can be played indoors or outdoors. It includes two players with their rackets, a net, and a shuttlecock. It is played with a minimum of two players and also with groups. Let’s learn how to learn Badminton from scratch.

  • Develop a learning mindset:

 Know where you stand as a player in Badminton. Are you a complete beginner, or have you played occasionally? Ditch your mental limits of ‘I can’t do it into a ‘’yes, I can’’. Self-believe will yearn for promising results in mastering badminton. 

  • Know about Badminton Rules:

Every sport has a set of rules to be followed. Learn about the scoring board, etiquettes, rackets, serving the shuttlecock, and what can disqualify you. You should also know about the technical terms used when playing Badminton like stance, grip, smash, footwork, and more. 

  • Warm-up:

Before starting any sport, a warm-up is a must. It helps your mind and body to prepare for a match. Badminton requires physical and mental exertion. It increases body core and muscle temperature. You can also incorporate breathing exercises to relieve nervousness before playing the game. 

  • Get hold on your grip:

There are different grip types in Badminton, forehand, backhand, and panhandle. It would help if you got comfortable with holding the racket. Practice holding in right or left hand; see what makes carrying easier for you. Having the racket should feel natural to you. Also, work on your hand and eye coordination. It will help if you hit the shuttle at the right place at the right time. 

  • Footwork:

Badminton requires a lot of movements during the play. When you see Lin Dan or Viktor Axelson playing in the court, their actions are quick and natural. Learn to position yourself for the best shot through firm grip and footwork. Beginners usually run in the court to get the right shot. It will consume your energy quicker. Good footwork will help reach the right shot place faster and hit the shuttlecock efficiently. You should also be able to recover your place after hitting the shutter.

  • Get your Serve right:

Serve is crucial in Badminton. Experts have said that the one with more serves and more chances of winning. Serve shot is usually ignored by beginners; they just want to start the game to hit the shutter with their racket. There are two main types of serves, i.e., forehand serve and backhand serve. See which serve is comfortable for you. But you should know how to do both of them. Practice, practice, and practice.

  • Strengthen your Stance:

Stance is the position of a badminton player against a competitor’s shot. There are four main types of stances, i.e., defensive stance, attacking stance, forward attacking, and lunging. You should know when to move into these stances. 

  • Observe Badminton Champions:

Watch your favorite badminton player on YouTube. Analyze their grip, footwork, and type of shots they make during the play. See how they respond to pressure and what decisions they make during their attempts to return. Pen down what you have observed and practice them onto yourself. 

  • Private Badminton Lessons:

If you feel you’ll become lazy during self-learning, opt for private badminton classes. In Singapore, Dynamic badminton academy provides professional badminton training. You can avail of their private badminton lessons to learn in a personalized manner. Their experienced coaches will keep you motivated and push your limits until you master them.

  • Join Badminton groups:

There are multiple badminton groups that you can join to learn more. Weekly matches are held, which can help you get more hold of your skills. It will also help increase your social circle and appreciation of the sports. Playing with different groups will also help you evaluate yourself to see where you lack. 

  • Practice as much as you can:

 The more you practice, the better a player you’ll become. Dedicate a time in your weekly schedule to practice Badminton. It will build your stamina to play for longer durations and strengthen your grip, footwork, and shots. 


Badminton, either played for leisure time or professionally, has sound effects on the mind and body. It is a fun way to get your muscles moving and help you to improve life quality. How quickly you will learn Badminton depends upon your motivation and capability to build up stamina. Playing Badminton is not about winning the game; it is about improving yourself.

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