Learning Badminton: All The Basic Rules

Learning Badminton

Learning badminton is a simple sport to enjoy. Just like swimming and tennis, men and women regardless of any age group can enjoy. It engages everyone while also assisting in staying fit by burning a large number of calories, keeping you healthy. You do not need to know any rules while playing for fun with family and friends. However, if you are a sports person, learning badminton and playing the sport to compete in tournaments, then you need to be well aware of the rules.

Learning Badminton Rules

Striking the shuttlecock with the racket such that it lands on the other half of the net where the opponent is standing, is the main objective of the game. You win a rally every time you accomplish this. The more rallies you win, the more chances of your victory are increased. 

Your adversary has the same purpose as you. She/he will attempt to catch the shuttle and return it to your half of the court.

You can beat the opponent in points by capitalizing his/her mistakes such as out of bounds etc. in addition, you should let the other’s shot fall to the floor if you believe it will be a miss. The rally will continue if you choose the shuttle instead.


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The rally is over once the shuttle lands on the ground. In this way, badminton differs from tennis and squash in that the ball does not bounce. Before the shuttle crosses the net, you must strike it only once (even in doubles). In this way, badminton differs from volleyball in that numerous players can touch the ball before being returned over the net.

Badminton: Indoor Sport

People for enjoyment; tend to play anywhere they like such as yards or beaches. This is fun until you want to become a professional. Even the tiniest gust of wind can knock the spacecraft off course. That is why badminton is usually played indoors in competition.

Court Setting

The sport has its own set of posts and nets, which is significantly lower than it is in volleyball. Make sure you do not put the volleyball nets as some places do, making a proper inquiry about the badminton skates and net. However, in case you are setting up the court then make sure:

  • The court’s entire width is covered with a net.
  • The net is not slack; it is pulled tight.
  • The net is in the middle of the court, ensuring that both halves of the court are of equal size.

Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles

There might be two or four players, one on each side or two on each side. Singles are played one-on-one, while doubles are played two-on-two. Moreover, any of the players can hit the shuttle without waiting for their turns except the first two shots. 

The 5 types of badminton include:

  • Women’s singles badminton
  • Men’s singles badminton
  • Mixed doubles badminton
  • Women’s double badminton or level doubles
  • Men’s double badminton or level doubles


The rally begins with serving; someone must be the first to hit the shuttle! Serving is subject to additional constraints that do not apply to the rest of the rally to prevent the server from acquiring an unfair advantage. The receiver is the player who makes the rally’s second shot. This shot is not allowed to be hit by the receiver’s partner in doubles.

The serve is supposed to be hit upwards through an underarm technique. The fundamental rule is, the shuttle must be hit from the level below the waist. The guidelines specify that this is a height level, which corresponds to the lowest section of your ribcage.

You are only allowed to hit the shuttlecock once until it reaches the opponent. If you do not follow it, you will forfeit the point, which your opponent will earn. Moreover, when serving or receiving, make sure you are standing inside the service box. It is a foul if you step over the box line during serving.

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You must score 21 points in a set to win it. As a result, the player who scores the first 21 points wins the set. You must  make sure to win two of the three sets. If both players have 20 points, the person who has 22 points, as both players should have a two-point differential, wins the set. A maximum of 30 points can be earned in this way.

No Contact with Net

If you make contact with the net at any point throughout the game, you will be called for a foul, and the point will be replayed. The net shots are only played if the shuttle falls on your side of the net, however, crossing the net with the racket will be considered as foul. 

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