5 Basic Badminton Training Exercises

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5 Basic Exercises You Must Do During Your Badminton Training

Watching your favorite badminton player hitting a powerful smash seems pretty easy. That buttery smooth shot results from a lot of hard work, exercise, and practice. Such stunning shots can be an inspiration for you to learn badminton. Imagining the victory of a tough match seems dreamy but can become true with the right learning strategy and direction. Singapore has some of the best badminton players, who are continuously striving for better achievements and setting international standards for performance.

Badminton is much more than just a game of hitting a ball with a racquet. It requires a solid mental approach for winning strategies and structured workouts for improving performance.

Badminton training in Singapore has never been better. Dynamic Badminton Academy is among the leading badminton academies in Singapore. Their unmatched coaches are dedicated to instilling strong badminton skills. Their experience in the field has benefitted the students with expert knowledge and professional training drills. One of the most recommended practices to improve badminton skills is incorporating exercise into the practice routine.

Why Do You Need Exercise Along with Badminton Training?

Starting directly on badminton practice is not fruitful. If you are a beginner, you need to prepare your body for intense physical activity. There are various sets of exercises designed for specific objectives. Your coach at Dynamic Badminton Academy will tailor your exercise routine according to your body strength and needs.

How Can Exercise Improve Badminton Performance?

In your badminton classes in Singapore, you will start your badminton journey through the basics. Every sport has a distinctive vision and essence. But some practices are recommended for every sport. Exercise provides a strong groundwork for building up strength. Professional academies like Dynamic Badminton Academy emphasize the importance of exercise and set an exercise routine for their students. It will help the players in:

  • Strengthening core muscles
  • Improving agility and flexibility
  • Faster mobility and footwork
  • Better coordination and endurance
  • Enhance focus and reduce stress levels
  • Build up defense reflexes

How to Start Your Exercise Routine?

It is best to start with warm-up exercises to increase body core temperature. Direct intense exercise can lead to chances of possible muscle pull. Warming up will prepare your body for the workout. You can do different warm-up exercises like stretches or jogging. A five to ten-minute warm-up is best to start your exercise routine.

5 Basic Badminton Training Exercise for Better Performance

Badminton is an intense game requiring plenty of energy and dedication. A regular exercise routine is proven to enhance badminton performance. Different targeted exercises are incorporated into badminton routines. Professional academies like Dynamic Badminton Academy train their students in sport-specific practices. Here are five basic badminton training exercises you must do during your badminton classes in Singapore.

Badminton Training Singapore

1. Flexibility Exercises

One of the core objects to exercise is loosening up muscles before rapid badminton action. Flexibility exercises can enhance joint movements and your swing shot. Here are some of the flexibility exercises you can do during your badminton training in Singapore.

  • Elbow-Shoulder Stretch: Put your hand behind your back while your elbow is pointing out. With the other hand, gently pull your elbow in the forwarding direction.
  • Standing Side Stretch: Stand straight and place your hand on your hips. Bend your body towards the left and spread your left arm over your head towards the left. Repeat on both sides and hold for a few seconds.
  • Sitting Hamstring Stretch: Sit on the floor and straighten your legs. Try to reach your toes by leaning forward. Hold for a few seconds and pull your toes towards your body.
Badminton Training Singapore Dynamic Badminton Academy

2. Core Strengthening Exercises

Core strength exercises help to improve position stability and strengthen core muscles. These exercises are directed at the pelvis and spine muscles. Core strengthening exercises may sometimes require equipment for support. Some of the core exercises are:

  • Planks: Get yourself ready in the plank position. Put your toes on the ground and put your weight on your arms, palms facing the floor.Engage your core and align your back in a neutral position. Hold it for 10 to 30 seconds and rest.
  • Glute Bridge: Lay down on the ground with hands on the floor. Raise your hips and back, making a bridge and keeping your feet static on the ground. Hold the position for a few seconds and lower down your lifted body.

3. Aerobics

To improve body strength and energy, it is essential to oxygenate muscles. Aerobics are known to increase oxygen supply and nutrients in the body. It is resulting in better power and recovery.

  • Jump Rope: Hold the ends of the rope in both hands, swing the rope over your head, and jump over the rope once it comes down.You can also reverse your jump direction.

4. Agility and Speed Improvement Exercises

Badminton training in Singapore also focuses on improving speed and motion. Badminton requires swift movements to hit the perfect shot. To improve your athletic speed, you can practice the following exercises:

  • Shuttle Run: It is a widely popular agility exercise. It includes running forward and backward on marked spots on the ground.
  • Box Step-Up: It requires a height box of at least reaching your knees. Step up on the box with your left leg and step down. Repeat with the other leg.

5. Circuit Exercises

Circuit exercises are timed exercises to increase endurance, resistance, and coordination. It will help build stamina and strength for intense badminton matches. You can do any of the following practices to increase your staying power.

  • Jump Squats: Stand in a regular squat position and jump. Repeat 5 to 10 times with a 30-second interval

If you have access to cardiovascular equipment, utilize them to increase your resilience.


Practicing a combination of the exercises mentioned above at your badminton classes in Singapore can significantly improve your performance on the court. Dynamic Badminton Academy acknowledges the importance of training drills and ensures students incorporate a structured exercise routine to excel in their badminton skills.

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