5 Warm-Ups Exercises You Must Do

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5 Must Do Warm-Ups Exercise Before Starting Badminton Classes

There are specific prerequisites before playing any sports. Knowing about the general rules and the correct mental approach toward the game is significant. One of the perks of taking professional badminton classes in Singapore is access to the finest academies like Dynamic Badminton Academy. Learning through a badminton coach in Singapore will be transformational for your badminton career. Devoted coaches aim to transfer their experience to their students through expert training drills and consistent practices. It also includes persuasive teaching and communication to strengthen students’ Badminton knowledge and skills. 

There are recommended practices that help prepare the body and mind for sport-action. Every badminton coach in Singapore has their signature style of teaching. But certain practices are common to all. Among essential lessons are warmups before starting badminton class. 

What is Warmup?

It is a commonly used term for physical activities. As the name indicates, these short physical activities are carried out to warm up the body temperature before intense physical activity.

Why Is Warm-Up Crucial Before Badminton Classes?

Be it exercise or playing any sport, warmups are crucial. Sports like badminton require a lot of body movements during the play. It is an extensive sport where all body muscles are utilized. Arm muscles and footwork are the most used body areas while playing badminton. If you join Dynamic Badminton Academy, their potent badminton coaches will teach you basic warm up exercises and their importance. 

With increased physical exertion, the body temperature tends to rise. Direct rise of body temperature can lead to chances of injuries, body aches, and muscle pull. Warmup will help in:

  • Increasing blood flow and nutrients in the muscles
  • Gently raising body temperature 
  • Oxygenating muscles along with a pumped heart rate
  • Raise body core temperature, flexibility, and energy production
  • Mentally preparing for the upcoming match by increasing focus and gathering up motivation

How Long Should You Warmup?

It is best to warm up for at least five to ten minutes. Different warmup exercises are designed to slowly heat the body and pick up pace afterward.

5 Warmup Exercises You Must Do Before Playing Badminton

Professional badminton classes in Singapore have structured warm up routines. There are different types of warm up exercises with a particular objective. It ranges from general to dynamic stretching. Here, we will share five warm up exercises before playing badminton sports.

Badminton Classes Singapore Jumping Jacks

1. Jogging and Jumping Jacks; A General Warm-Up

It is best to start with a comparatively lighter exercise for warm up. It will gradually raise body temperature. In general warmups, the core objective is to awaken and loosen up the muscles for some upcoming action. You should be able to feel light heat or sweat from your body. You can perform the following general warmups.

  • Jogging: One of the most popularly known warm up exercises is jogging. It is running at a slow, consistent pace. Try to gradually raise your knees and make stronger kicks to increase intensity. It will help in better mobility during the play.  
  • Jumping Jacks: Stand straight and jump by spreading your legs apart and moving your arms in and out over the head. 

2. Static Stretching

Stretching exercises are practical after a general warmup. It helps loosen up muscles and tissue connectivity. Static stretching is holding stretches for 10 to 15 seconds and loosening them up afterward. It will increase your body’s flexibility. You will learn in your badminton classes in Singapore the following static stretching:

  • Side-to-Side Neck Stretch: Lower your head towards your chest. Tilt your head towards your shoulder until you feel a stretch. Hold for a few seconds. Repeat on the other side. 
  • Side and Forward Lunges: Put your hands on your hips and feet facing forward. Move your upper body side by side, shifting your weight to both sides. 
  • Toe Touching: Stand straight and bend forward, horizontally straight your back. Try to touch your toes and hold the position for a few seconds. 

3. Dynamic Stretching

People often get confused about the difference between static and dynamic stretching. Static stretching requires holding a particular position for a few seconds, while dynamic stretching includes a set of motion exercises to increase pace and intensity. Your Badminton Coach in Singapore will teach you a set of dynamic stretching. Here are a few of them:

  • Quadricep Stretch: Using the support of the left leg, pull your right foot behind your body and hold it with your hands. Release the foot and take a big step forward.
  • Bow and Arrow Stretch: Place your hands on your hips. Take a big step forward with your right foot, straightening your back. 

4. Wrist Exercise

During your initial badminton classes, you will learn how much force and pressure is applied to the shoulders, arms, and wrist. Your badminton coach in Singapore will teach you the following wrist exercise for warming up your hand joints for a sustainable smash. 

  • Wrist Rotation: Make a fist of your hand and keep it before you. Make inward and outward circles with your fist. 
  • Wrist Extension: Hold your palm facing forward. Grab the fingers and apply pressure backward, pulling towards your body with your other hand.
Wrist Exercise for Badminton Classes Singapore

5. Shoulder Exercise

Hitting with the racket requires immense strength and pressure on the arms and shoulder. It would be best if you warmed up your shoulders to prepare for some legit shots. You can do the following: Shoulder Rolls: Stand straight, keeping your arms along your body. Make circles with your shoulders by moving your shoulders forward and rotating them backward. Arms Rotation: Keep your arms horizontally straight, facing outwards. Make circles with your arms in forwarding and backward directions.

Wrapping Up

Each set of warm up exercises is designed to enhance body performance before the big game. One of the perks of joining Dynamic Badminton Academy is that you will learn the latest warmup techniques to excel in your performance. 

Ready, Steady, Smash! 

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