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Badminton is more than just tossing a shuttlecock between two players. It is a full-fledged mental and physical game with enormous benefits. Some play Badminton in their leisure time while others make a successful career out of Badminton. We have seen passionate players marking their names in Badminton History. But behind every successful player is practice and coaching. You will find millions of tips on how to become a badminton player. All these tips are generated through observation and experiences. It has been observed that players who have practiced under a private badminton coach have more hold on their skill sets. 

Benefits of Hiring a Private Badminton Coach:

The internet is filled with different guidelines for learning Badminton from scratch to strengthen existing skills. You can pick up and exercise tips mentioned. But you might likely lose your motivation in your learning phase. You can think of ‘’ Is my-self learning enough to become an expert?’’ or ‘’ Am I practising right?’’. It could be that you are not getting hold of a specific shot and not understanding why. Everything googled will not yield desired results. Want more reasons to hire a badminton coach? Here are some benefits:

  • You will have a more substantial base knowledge of Badminton Game
  • A coach will identify weak points.
  • He will enable you to overcome nervousness 
  • Continual motivation to not give up
  • Professional training drills 
  • A coach will help you maintain physical and mental fitness

The Demand for a Badminton Coach in Singapore

Badminton, just like tennis and swimming, has grasped popularity in Singapore. Sports activity is included in educational schemes as well. Promoting sports like Badminton at an early age can teach healthy habits to lead a successful life. To encourage and train, different Badminton academies are emerging in Singapore. Singapore has some world-class badminton coaching academies like Dynamic Badminton Academy.  

Badminton is considered to be the top racket sport in Singapore. Singapore has around 210,000 active Badminton players. Singapore has introduced an innovative twist in Shuttlecock. Because of its lightweight, Shuttlecock tends to get drifted away due to winds. Air badminton has emerged, which is a wind-resistant shuttlecock. How fascinating!  

Where there is a scope of becoming a badminton player, private badminton coaches are also in demand. Badminton academies are hiring personal badminton coaches to deliver skillsets for private badminton lessons. Those interested in learning through an academy prefer hiring a private badminton coach. If you already are a Badminton expert, you can cash your skills through a coaching career. 

Becoming a Badminton Coach

To excel in your badminton coaching career in Singapore, you should have the following elements:

Master the Basics of Badminton:

private badminton coach should know all possible rules and theories of Badminton. Study the history and essence of the Badminton game to develop more interest. Also, keep yourself updated with new rules and regulations in Badminton sport. You should know Badminton terminologies and their meanings. It would help if you are well-versed in Badminton. 

Enticing Teaching Methodology:

A good coach should hook his player’s motivation to become better. Being a badminton master, you know the most challenging shots to learn. And how they can be grasped the right way. The teaching strategy of a badminton coach should be more than just about Badminton. There are other necessary skills needed to become a Badminton Pro. A private badminton coach should teach about mental toughness, crisp observation, and the right shot at the right time.

Being Patient:

You might get a stubborn student who won’t learn through your techniques. You can run out of your patience. It can happen and will happen. Be prepared for it and understand that your student is a beginner. They tend to make mistakes and get stuck during their learning phase. It is your job to stay calm and help them channel their potential. 

First-Aid Training:

Badminton is a safe sport, but who knows what can get wrong. Disbalance during the play or any other circumstances can lead to injury. You should have First-Aid training to assist if anything goes wrong. 

Live by your Techniques:

What you tell should be portrayed through your act. Any sport requires discipline, teamwork, and dedication. Students will learn faster when they see a private badminton coach exhibiting what they teach. 

Certification Course in Singapore:

In Singaporeyou need to enrol in the SG-Coach program to practice as a private badminton coach. It is a national standard for becoming a badminton coach in Singapore. It provides quality training for coaches to master sports science, theory, and technicality. The course has three levels. Each level offers different training sets and objectives. 

    1. SG-Coach Level 1: for coaching of new members or badminton beginners.
    2. SG-Coach Level 2: for coaching of competitive players. 
    3. SG-Coach Level 3: includes advanced training for international level competitions.

Each level has a different duration and objectives. After acquiring SG-Coach certification, you can practice as a coach to teach private Badminton Lessons in Singapore. 

There is always room for improvement:

Getting a valid coaching certificate will able you to expand your career opportunities. Different Badminton Academies like Dynamic Badminton Academy can offer training jobs. Other than that, you can play a vital role in signifying sports importance, social value, and sports discipline, helping people lead a healthy lifestyle. Want to be the best Badminton Coach? Think about qualities you would like in your private badminton coach. Being a coach does not mean that you have reached the maximum point in Badminton. There is always room for improvement. Be creative in your training drills and make an impact through your coaching. 

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