Badminton Techniques that You can Master Only Through a Private Badminton Coach

Badminton Techniques Private Badminton Coach Singapore

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Badminton Techniques that You can Master Only Through a Private Badminton Coach

A great badminton coach plays a key role in the life of a badminton player and is a sporting mentor for him. Players share a strong emotional bond with their coaches, so choosing a coach plays a critical role in making or breaking your badminton career. Dynamic Badminton Academy understands the influence of a coach on students and aims to focus on providing the best badminton coaches in Singapore.

Private Badminton Lessons Coach Singapore
Private Badminton Coach

When choosing any badminton or tennis coaching academy, the most important decision is between the group and private badminton lessons in Singapore. Well, no matter which learning lesson plan you choose, do not neglect the importance of the coach. In both cases, a good badminton coach plays a vital role in elevating your badminton game. Coaches are well-aware of the dynamics of the sport to teach you the techniques of badminton better.

Badminton coaches are well versed in teaching the intent of a particular drill and how they will help you on the badminton court. A group badminton coach focuses on the entire team, while a private coach primarily focuses on a particular badminton player. In short, coaches in group badminton lessons focus on improving your skills to benefit the team. In contrast, the main motive of private badminton lessons is to improve physical fitness and polish a player’s abilities.

Private badminton coaches work according to the needs and requirements of a particular student, like strengths or weaknesses. Hence, private badminton lessons in Singapore would be wise if you are a beginner. This article discusses the basic techniques you can master only through a private coach.

The Perfect Way To Hold Rackets;

Badminton is not just a game about hitting shuttle back and forth on the badminton court. Badminton requires particular skills and techniques, and one of the most important techniques is holding the rackets up to precision. There are two fundamental holding techniques;

  • Forehand grip
  • Backhand grip

Whether you are a beginner or it has been a while since you did not play Badminton, a badminton coach will be your subsequent solution to master the perfect way of holding rackets. A forehand grip is the way of relaxed grip on the racket, whereas a backhand grip is used to serve powerful shots. A coach during private badminton lessons can help you to master the use of gripping techniques interchangeably and fastly.

Footwork Technique

Footwork technique is the backbone of Badminton. It is a skill that will help you to cover the whole court efficiently, only if you learn the right footwork technique. A private badminton coach will be your ultimate guide to know the right footwork if you want to excel in Badminton. Footwork is equally important both in badminton singles and doubles. Hypothetically, the movement starts from the base point for a single shot and ends at this point too. 

Suppose if you want to move to the left side of the court, you will take a start from the base position. Then, you will need to take a step from the non-racket foot to the shuttle and jump with the racket foot. Once you hit the shot, you need to step back to the base position. It is a simple yet demanding technique that you can only master during private badminton lessons. 

Serves Technique In Badminton

Serve in Badminton is another important technique after footwork and gripping that plays a crucial role in Badminton. There are three fundamental types of serves in Badminton;

  • Low serve
  • High serve
  • Flick serve

Badminton players mix different types of serves to make them unpredictable. In doubles, motley players use low serve because it is hard for the opponent to counter-attack the short serve if you execute it properly. During singles, mostly badminton players use high serve towards the baseline. You can use both forehand or backhand grip to hit various serves, but most professional players use a backhand low serve.  

So, to learn and practice the use of different serves, you will need a private badminton coach who works on your strong and weak points to enhance your serve technique. 

Receiving Serves

Just as the service in Badminton is important, returning the serve is equally important. If your opponent is serving, how will you respond to the attack? Well, that is the question you must answer and practice. Returning a service all depends upon the type of opponent’s serves. The main motive of returning a service should be not to give any advantage to the opponent. This is where a good badminton coach can help you out. He will teach you different types of serves your opponent could attack you with and how you should counter-attack to put your opponent under pressure. 

Basic Shots In Badminton

After practicing the basic techniques of playing Badminton, you should work on different shots to excel in your badminton game. There are many badminton shots characterized by attacking and defensive shots. The most commonly used shots in Badminton are;

  • Smash shot
  • Clear shot
  • Drop shot
  • Lob shot
  • Drive shot
  • Net shot

You need to master these shots gradually, not all at once. That’s only possible during private badminton lessons. Under a private coach, you can learn and practice at your own pace, with the undivided focus of your badminton coach. Once you have mastered one shot, you can go with the next one, and it goes on until you have learned all the shots. The most important shots in Badminton are the smash and drop shots. There are many other badminton techniques but here are just the most basic ones. You will develop more strategies as you practice with a professional and skillful badminton coach. Dynamic Badminton Academy in Singapore is highly selective about its coaches to provide Badminton players with a positive environment. The private badminton lessons are executed so that they will be helpful to elevate your Badminton game.

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