Common Badminton Mistakes You Must Avoid

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Badminton is a fun-loving sport. People often learn it as a hobby but eventually develop an interest in becoming professional badminton players. While there are numerous training drills and professional tips to improve badminton, some common mistakes are often overlooked. 

Certain wrong practices turn into playing habits that can lead to poor performance in professional matches. This is one of the prime reasons you should learn through a trusted place like Dynamic Badminton Academy. Our trainers will carefully monitor your badminton techniques and identify potential flaws. You will be able to observe your performance and correct your play accordingly. In our Badminton Training Singapore, we offer in-depth lessons and coaching that strengthens the basics of Badminton. Once you have a sound foundation, you can perform professionally in the court. 

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Common Mistakes You Must Avoid in Professional Badminton

Players who opt for self-learning are more prone to practice badminton mistakes. A Badminton coach in Singapore can provide effective training and spot your mistakes. Have you learned without professional badminton training in Singapore? Then take a look at the below-mentioned common mistakes to see if you are doing it as well. 

  1. Poor Racquet Grip 

Racquet grip is one of the most basic badminton essentials. In your badminton training in Singapore, you must identify your dominant hand and learn about various racquet types. Having the wrong racquet can affect your grip and stroke. If you hold the racquet too tight or loose, the stroke execution can become uncomforting during the match. You must also learn to hold your racket for backhand and forehand strokes. Your forehand grip should make a handshake grip. Your thumb and finger gap should make a V. For your backhand grip, your thumb should be flat on the racket and the fingers wrapped around.

  1. Being Too Static

Badminton requires agility to hit the shutter at the right time. Being too static during the match can make you lose your score quickly. You must be flexible and alert to move quickly to hit the shot. Whether you are playing singles or doubles, you must be conscious of the timing and know when you move. When you are playing doubles, you must also the on your partner’s movements and decide when it is appropriate for you to move for the shot. 

Many training drills can enhance your footwork. Badminton coach Singapore can help you practice the right training drills to increase your agility. 

  1. Sticking to One Stroke Style

Badminton is not all about smashes. Although it seems heroic, you must know when you use a defensive or a drop shot. Mastering just a one-stroke style will limit your badminton growth. Your opponent will have a greater advantage over your limitations, giving him more room to execute a tough match for you. We all have a comfortable stroke style, but to become a professional, you must expand and continuously strive to experiment with other forms. 

  1. Only Focusing on the Shutter 

Badminton is more than focusing on the shutter. There are multiple aspects that beginners often ignore during the match. If your eyes are only on the birdie, you might miss the crucial factors of your opponent. This badminton mistake will limit your vision. You might exceed your standing points in the court and lose a score. Improve your reflexes and keep your eyes everywhere. You must also observe your opponent’s body movement. It can help you predict the shot type and help you prepare to act accordingly. 

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  1. Lack of Mental Toughness

Besides physical strength, you need mental toughness to endure pressure during the match. Multiple factors during the play can affect the mental state and alter motivation levels. Lack of mental toughness can lead to lower morale and poor performance. You must develop a growth mindset and focus less on just winning. Winning can be a state of success, but you will learn better through your failures. Giving up on your loss can leave you in a bad mental state. Dynamic Badminton Academy acknowledges the importance of mental toughness to endure pressure conditions. Our coaches help provide stimulation of pressure conditions to enhance focus and determination. 

  1. Improper Badminton Gear

Wrong or poor-quality badminton gear can affect your performance. It can make your shot execution difficult and uncomforting. Before buying your badminton gear, you must research high-quality gear to avoid inconvenience. If your badminton clothes are not sweat-absorbent, your body will become too warm, which might take your focus off the game. Your one-time investment in premium quality badminton gear can accelerate your performance. 

ConclusionSelf-learning can be a great option for learning badminton. But professional badminton training in Singapore will build strong base skills. Dynamic Badminton Academy has years of professional coaching experience. Our skilled trainers are smart enough to identify your weak points and help you become a better badminton player.

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