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A good badminton play includes a combination of multiple physical actions and mental toughness. It may seem effortless at first. But when you join badminton classes in Singapore, you encounter new concepts and attention to detail. Among various elements, a perfect serve is momentous. Badminton experts stress upon mastering your serve to gain momentum on your side. It can be one of the most challenging aspects of badminton. Being an intensive game, you need to be complete on your energy and motivational levels and develop a learning mindset.

Why Is Badminton Serve Important?

To master a game, you must constantly improve. Due to its significance, a badminton coach in Singapore will spend more time correcting your service. Serve is one of the core actions of badminton. Here are a few reasons why you should perfect your serve.

  • It gives you control to decide the direction of the game.
  • A weak serve can give the opponent play attacking shot.
  • You can maintain momentum on your side
  • It increases the likelihood of winning the game.
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Practices to Improve You Serve

Good service means the ability to control the game. While players focus on various hitting styles, strengthening service is often ignored. Dynamic Badminton Academy trains players to be all-rounders. Lacking in a specific domain can hinder success and limit badminton growth. Here are a few tips to bolster your serve.

  1. Learn Types of Serve

Before you begin to practice, you should know the different types of services in Badminton. Each has different foot positioning, hand grip, and racket position. You must analyze your opponent’s weakness and choose a suitable service type. Professional badminton classes in Singapore will help you experience all these service types.

  • High Serve

It is a powerful upward strike. It is also a long service as it can travel a considerable distance. It aims for the shutter to land at the furthest corner. For a perfect high serve, you will need the right height, length, and significant energy to make it a high serve. Its objective is to make the opponent exert immense force at the start that can drain his energy.

  • Short Serve

Short serve is also known as low serve. It is a gentle shot where the shuttle flies over the net. One core factor of low serve is to adjust the hit power and direction. It must not be predictable as it can give an advantage to the opponent for a smash or a net kill.

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  • Flick Serve

It is an upward serve with less altitude. It is also known as a fake low serve. It can trick the opponent into thinking that you are giving a soft serve, but in reality, it is a little higher than a low serve.

Dynamic Badminton Academy will help you learn these serve styles. It will help you to be flexible and analyze which serve to use according to the opponent’s play style. Determine which type is best for you.

  1. Watch Your Position

You must fix your services to increase your winning chances. Your service position is essential to determine the service reach. Standing near the center line is recommended so you can move around the court quickly. The opponent’s return can be unpredictable. Your Badminton coach in Singapore will help you analyze the correct service position.

  1. Focus on Grip

Your hand grip must align with your body position and the service type. Your handgrip and hit force will determine the distance and angle the shuttle will travel. For a low serve, you will need a slight hit. To hit an extended service, you must have a firm hand grip followed by a force hit and the correct direction. Bend slightly forward to enhance your serve. A personalized badminton class in Singapore will help you to get your undivided attention to improve your service.

  1. Join Dynamic Badminton Academy

One of the most transformative ways to improve your badminton is through Dynamic Badminton Academy. Our coaches have an eye for seeing a player’s potential strengths and weaknesses. The core vision is to push the player’s ability to the max and develop endurance for a challenging game.

You can get tailored badminton lessons to bolster your service. Once you master your serve, you magnify the chances of winning and controlling the game. Let’s get ready for some smashes!

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